Make money in nintendogs

Make money in nintendogs

By: Vilund Date: 22.05.2017

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When life gives you lemons, it better give you water and sugar also, or else your lemonade's gonna suck. Pedometer - a new feature to this game is the pedometer.

Why am I mentioning this? Not just for the benefit of your own health, but the more steps you take daily, you can get a present at the end.

Nintendogs - money cheat

Now there is no definite list out there as to what you'll get or how much it'll sell for, but someone out there is developing the list. There is the off-chance that the items you get could be version exclusive. ANYWAYS, yes, take your 3DS with you everywhere keep it safe from others though! Heck, walk your real dog and virtual dog at the same time! Glad someone else noticed the traffic cones. I can confirm that like in the old game, if you save before the contest, then get a bad score in the trial, you can turn the game off quickly before the results come up.

Then you turn the game back on, and the bad trial doesn't count for the max 2 for the day. I find it very useful, and highly recommend it to those who want to place first in every trial. Censor Bypassing Trolling Flaming Disruptive Posting Off-Topic Posting Other must leave note below: Notes optional; required for "Other": Add user to Ignore List after reporting.

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How can i make money fast??!! i want my dogs to have puppies - Nintendogs Questions for PC @

TalesofRemorse TalesofRemorse 6 years ago 1 All right, so, you guys that have just started may notice you're low on cash after buying your first puppy. Here are some good tips to really rake in the funds: Walk every 5 minutes or so - Simple and easy.

Plus, the more often you go on walks, the stronger your bond will be with your puppy. More bonding, equals more presents. Walking bonuses - The traffic cones - You may notice these after some time of walking your pooch. The goal is to weave your puppy through the traffic cones WITHOUT touching them.

How to Make Money on Nintendogs: 8 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

If you are successful, you will get a free present. This takes time to really master it, especially since your dog may have a mind of its own at times. Take it nice and slow, but be quick with the leash while turning.

make money in nintendogs

This also calls for sacrifice and deciding what you really need for your dog. Now this is something that's up to you, depending on your likes and such. I myself prefer to keep the bare minimum for my puppy.

Furniture is not necessary right now my dog prefers sleeping on the floor anyways. Also, save up your recyclables for the Secondhand shop. If you have the required materials, you can trade them in for an item and sell that item for profit.

No, materials wooden stick, metal, stardust CANNOT be sold on its own. Competitions - Train and enter 6 times daily! Go to the gym in Downtown for Lure course training; try to find an empty park for disc practice; teach 3 tricks daily at home no distractions and keep reciting them. Before the game was released, we thought pups could only be entered in two competitions daily.

Did you know they really meant you can do 2 Obedience, 2 Disc, and 2 Lure contests every day? Yup, just discovered this earlier today and I'm sure you did too. Training is the key to getting first. After you win first in each contest, you must practice for the next class' requirements. Now that we don't have to wait 30 minutes for each walk, you can train throughout the entire day!

Consider your funds and set goals - Now, after some time, you should have enough money to go buy another dog or maybe even a kitty. But I highly recommend to keep saving than buy a kitten right now.

How to Earn Lots of Money on Nintendogs: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

Kittens have little to no function for raising income, so if anything, you might as well save up for another dog.

Goals can help you stay focused and determined, and the rewards are worth it. Start out small, like getting first in one of the contests. Maybe your goal is to get three tricks done for the day. Perhaps there's that fancy hat in the Barc shop. That is obviously not possible, unless you find a way to hack the game while bypassing any cheating penalties.

This is just a guide for those who are starting and need help in raising money. I'm still learning new things with the game, so should I find anything or if you want to share your tips, I'll add onto the list. TalesofRemorse TalesofRemorse Topic Creator 6 years ago 2 6. Carnivalhalla Carnivalhalla 6 years ago 4 Glad someone else noticed the traffic cones. TalesofRemorse TalesofRemorse Topic Creator 6 years ago 5 quick little tip about competitions:

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