Make money selling refurbished laptops

Make money selling refurbished laptops

By: mihikko Date: 24.05.2017

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Is there any money in refurbishing and reselling computers? - [Solved] - Opinions and Experiences

I'm looking to start up a side business buying broken computers, fixing them and then reselling them. Ebay seems like a great placed to buy As-Is PC's but I don't know were the best place is to resell them Craigslist or eBay. Any advice would be really appreciated.

make money selling refurbished laptops

More about money refurbishing reselling computers. Wisecracker Aug 6, , 6: Eximo Aug 6, , 7: I think it depends a lot on what your end product is going to be.

Make Money Buying and Selling Laptops | hubpages

Fixing up broken laptops has more appeal, but is more labor intensive. Were I to do it, I would target corporate auctions and buy a pallette of one model and start there.

To do it properly you would need a re-sellers Windows license or distribut a free OS. Can't find your answer? Ask a new question.

Need help reselling and whipping computer clean please: AriaPC - computers any good and worth the money solved Hello guys.

That also means spare money! I've always been interested in building my own computer, But have solved is this a good computer for the money?

make money selling refurbished laptops

Halfway through rebuilding my computer, out of money, what should i buy for the biggest performance boost? Is this worth the money? Tom's Hardware Around the World.

make money selling refurbished laptops

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